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Azure R80.30 CloudGuard Cluster License Distribution Question!

I have a question!

I installed an Azure R80.30 CloudGuard cluster and connected it to an R80.30 SMS. So far everything is ok 🙂

Now I have opened "SmartUpdate -> Licenses & Contracts" and imported a VE-8 Core central license via "Add License -> From File".

I did not attach the license to the Azure gateways. According to the documentation the license should be distributed automatically.

-> With "cplic print" I see a VE-8 license on both Azure gateways. Everything looks good for me now.

Now my questions:

1) In SmartUpdate I do not see the licenses. Is that right?



2) Via "vsec_central_license" I also see no entries. Is that right?


3) "vsec_lic_cli on" is set to on but then I can't see anything here  with "vsec_lic_cli". Is that right?


"CloudGuard laaS" is set in the cluster hardware object.

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Hi Heiko,


Yes. Thats fine.

As long as License NOT distributed and still in Mgmt server - only then we can see those in vsec_central_license.

Post Licenses get attached to Gateways, then the below commands will show NULL.


Regards, Prabu.



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