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Asking about F2V path

Hello all,

After performing the cluster to upgrade from R80.10 to  R80.30 , our firewall kernel sometime pop up a log indicates about F2V path.

the format of the log as follow :

@;3442321188;[kern];[tid_2];[SIM-204357053];simi_reorder_dequeue_all_packets: should drop: dropping packet ffff8106c934aad8, ffff81071a78adc0, vsid=14, conn:<A.B.C.D,0,E.H.G.H,50> app: F2V;
As far as I know from a quote from a book:MAX POWER 2020 Check Point Firewall Performance Optimization Pages 228 about F2V
==> F2V is ok , isn't it ?
i wan to ask if the log is impact the production flow because we are having many issue with TCP connection after the upgrade.
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In R80.20+, F2V is the path that packets take before we’ve decided if they’re accelerated or not.
These messages look like drops and you may want to have TAC investigate.

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