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Application Control update signature

In R77.30 I remember that the Application Control, Update the signature on both Management server and Gatweay FW. There were 2 different signature update. I remember because I had a problem with signature update on firewall.

On R88.20 I see only the signature update on Management, I don't see gateway. Can someone clarify if the signature update are now only on management ?


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Re: Application Control update signature

Re: Application Control update signature

Thanks for the link.


look like the gateway update doesn't work:


[Expert@CK-01]# pwd
[Expert@CK-01]# cat next_update
[Expert@CK-01]# cat appi_status.C
:status (0)
:status_short_desc ()
:status_long_desc ()
:app_update_status (failed)
:app_update_description ()
:app_next_update_description ("The next try will be within one hour.")
:app_db_version (19121205)
:urlf_status_code (0)
:urlf_status_short_description ()
:urlf_status_long_description ()
:appi_rad_status_code (0)
:appi_rad_status_description ("Application Control Engine is up and running")
:urlf_rad_status_code (0)
:urlf_rad_status_description ()
:app_subscription_expiration_date ("Thu Dec 31 00:00:00 2020")
:app_subscription_status (valid)
:app_subscription_description ("Contract is up to date.")
:urlf_subscription_expiration_date (" ")
:urlf_subscription_status (valid)
:urlf_subscription_description ("Contract is up to date.")

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