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Adding ThreatPrevetion exceptions by setting action to PREVENT to eliminate possibility of FalseNegs

Hello All,

I have a question regarding addition of exceptions to a Threat Prevention policy on perimeter gateways.

Few servers are running DNS queries to external honeypot site and not all of them are getting prevented by Anti-Bot, Few logs show "Detect" too. 

I would like to write an exception on TP policy and set the action to "Prevent", I want to try it to eliminate the possibility of any false negatives. (Refer to the attached image for the exception rule that I wanted to try)

My question is : Is it normal to write TP exceptions and set action to prevent ?  

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I think for the DNS Query, if you configure DNS Trap, it will show "Detect" instead of "Prevent". So seeing "detect" for those might be normal, depend on your setting.

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Thanks a lot for the response @Cyber_Serge 

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Legend Legend

Yes, support for TP exceptions with an action of Prevent (instead of the usual Detect or Inactive) was added in R80.10.

Gateway Performance Optimization R81.20 Course
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