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Blason_R inside General Management Topics 16m ago
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Is there any extra license required to enable and use Policy server/SCV?

Hi Team,I have NGTP license with Office Mode VPN license for 50 users; wondering if I still need any other license to activate Policy Server and define Desktop Security Policy? Like EPM Suite? Or can existing licenses can suffice my need?Thanks an...
Blason_R inside General Management Topics yesterday
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Captive portal for linux SSH or Terminal windows

Hi there,Is anyone aware if any mechanism exists to leverage Identity awareness when I would like to pass through Firewall with captive Portal enabled while using SSH or Linux with no GUI Terminal?With browser Yes it's pretty much possible; b...
inside General Management Topics yesterday
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Automated Backup for Centrally Managed SMB ROBO Gateways

Is there an "easy" button to automate backups for centrally managed SMB (1100's & 1400's) ROBO Gateways??  The Central Deployment Tool (CDT) doesn't support SMB appliances or ROBO Gateways.  Therefore I was thinking that maybe we can...
Jesus_Cano inside General Management Topics yesterday
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Load iso from USB stick for Smart1-210

Hi,I will do a clean install for smart1-210 upgrading to R80.10. I just install the R80.10 iso to a USB stick using isomorphic. So i just want confirm that smart1-201 can read usb stick when its rebooted, and the procedure to load from USB.In the ...
Hugo_vd_Kooij inside General Management Topics yesterday
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Blocking SMTP connections

Is there a way to set a trip guard on SMTP connections and start blocking a source IP address after N failures on the SMTP protocol? SAM blocking comes to mind here.The issue is I have a mail server (Barracuda Email Security Gateway) that gets ham...

Tacacs+ SmartDshboard authentication

Hello,Not work  tacacs authentication in SmartDshboard. But on this managment applince ssh and WebUI tacacs authentication is work. In log "Administrator failed to log in: Wrong Password"Tacacs server is Cisco ISE. 

R80.20 Management and vpn domain Edge N

Hello,We plan to update MGMT (MDS) R77.30 to R80.20. This MGMT manages geteways including Edge N/X. Edge N is referred to as supported by R80.20. But when testing we found out that to Edge N not transmitted vpn domain behind central cluster and tr...

Gaia R77.30 snapshot

There is strange behaviour on one of two gateways from cluster running on Gaia R77.30Gateways are the same appliance models.Snapshot of that gateway is about 15 Gb, while at another only about 5GbI found that in /mnt/backup exist full co...

"max concurrent sessions per connection exceeded"

Hi,I've a problem with one connection.. in the Smartlog I get the errorIn the settngs the connection setting is on "Automatically"  fw ctl pstat System Capacity Summary: Memory used: 12% (6138 MB out of 48155 MB) - below watermark Concur...

Management R80.20 instability

Since upgrading the management from R80.10 to R80.20 in one of my customers, we had constant instability. This got escalated after applying HFA33, this week I had to open 4-5 cases about different issues.The logging from secure gateways drops...

"Failed to connect to database"

Hi I keep on getting an error message "Failed to connect to database" when I select cpconfig>gui client (3). For the management server.It would be much appreciated if anyone could help me.Dameon Welch-Abernathy‌Thank you  
Vladimir inside General Management Topics Sunday
views 74 4

Manage Policies and Layers displays incorrect installation targets

icy packages are cloned and edited to specify "Specific Gateway" as target: the installation of the package works correctly:   But the information displayed in the "manage Policies and layers" is wrong: Incorrect targets are shown in "Manag...

Security Management Server Components

Describe the key elements of Check Point’s unified Security Management Architecture.
Dirk_Casomo inside General Management Topics Friday
views 11775 25 2

Cannot Connect with SmartConsole to R77.30 or Earlier Management

Why is it my newly installed checkpointR77.iso in vmware  have errorr when connecting using R77 smartconsole in windows server2012 ? the server can ping and access the web UI of both gaia gateway FW and gaia management FW. 
ED inside General Management Topics Friday
views 368 25 1

Blocking pornography without https inspection

Hi,Trying to block pornsites like Youporn fails without https inspection in R80.10. "Categorize HTTPS websites" is enabled. Youporn use a * certificate.Is it true that Application control will not be able to block Pornography cate...