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inside General Management Topics 4 hours ago
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CDT v1.6 is GA!

Hi all,I am very happy to announce the release of version 1.6 of the CDT - Central Deployment Tool, which now also supports VSX.Version 1.6 introduces the following new features, as well as bug fixes and minor additions: VSX support – including ga...
carl_t inside General Management Topics 4 hours ago
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Issue with licences since R80.20 Management upgrade

Hi AllLast week we migrated from R77.30 management to R80.20.All seems ok, however on some of the Firewalls, they are coming up with IPS expired, all licences are fine an relevant for our estate.the Gateways are running R77.30 for now.Any ideas wh...
Vincent_Bacher inside General Management Topics 4 hours ago
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Will (Smart)Workflow come back?

Hello together,i am wondering if there are any news, if and when (Smart)Workflow will come back.Does anybody have news about that?Best regardsVincent
Kevin_Werner inside General Management Topics 4 hours ago
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80.10 to 80.20 Pre-Upgrade Verifier

I'm attempting to run the 80.20 pre-upgrade verification script on my 80.10 management server, but nothing appears to be happening when I execute it.  I've run the tool in the past with no issues so I am assuming there is a problem with my sy...
Vladimir inside General Management Topics 4 hours ago
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Periodic update failures

I am seeing in multiple installations periodic failure of the updates. Most frequent ones are the AB/AV with the message stating that the contract verification has failed due to connectivity issues. As a rule, it resolves by itself in a few hours....
SantiagoPlatero inside General Management Topics 4 hours ago
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Static NAT behind transparent firewall problem

Hi community, looking good the new UI. First to clear the field, a quick and dirty network diagram: Internet ---- < FortiGate F50 WAN interface >                        &n...
ED inside General Management Topics 6 hours ago
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/opt partition filling up

Hi,The /opt partition is getting filled up. What could be eating up the space? Anything that can be deleted? 
inside General Management Topics 8 hours ago
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Gaia/SmartConsole Users Integration with AD

Hi All, Is Gaia/SmartConsole users/admin that we create from Gaia and SmartConsole have AD Integration feature? If not, is it in the roadmap? Its not Identity Awareness that I am mentioning.
Gary_Shaw inside General Management Topics 10 hours ago
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R80.20 management server - snapshot export

hi - currently running R80.20 vm mgt svrmy /var/log directory is fullbefore following sk94671, i'm trying to create a backup and snapshotcannot create backup or export snapshot file as /var/log fullis there any way I can export to a different dire...

Smart1-3150 HDD Upgrade

Has anyone tried to install bigger drives into this appliance?  We are looking to expand HDD on our management appliance.  It currently has 6x2TB drives configured with default RAID6, with 6 empty slots.  Looking to add 6x4TB additi...

Monitoring of connection tables

I'm looking for a way to monitor and alert on connection table usage and wondered if anyone has come across a way to do it this effectively. This could either be based on a figure or percentage.  Ideally I would like some sort of SNMP trap or...
Johannes_Schoen inside General Management Topics yesterday
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VPN Tunneled traffic is blocked - Address Spoofing

Hi Community,I got a annoying strange behavior:Perimeter Checkpoint, Transfernet to Core Firewall with topoloy RFC1918 networks.New VPN tunnel with a /24 net from range.Excluded tunneled network from address spoofing on external interfa...
Tim_Silverline inside General Management Topics yesterday
views 315 2 1

R80.10 Upgrade Verifier Questions

I have a customer looking to do an r80.10 upgrade and I am trying to answer a couple questions that I can't find the answers to....1)"Title: OPSEC was modified in R80. Please check your OPSEC vendor documentation for the following application...
Maik inside General Management Topics yesterday
views 93 5 1

TACACS+ Configuration on MDM/SMS

Hello guys,I have a few questions regarding TACACS+ authentication on MDM and SMS appliances. As far as I know you can configure TACACS servers via the web UI and clish for GAiA itself and also via the related SmartConsole objects (Objects => N...
Edward_Borg_Car inside General Management Topics yesterday
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Checkpoint endpoint VPN with Microsoft 2-Factor Authentication.

Good Day to all,                         we currently have our checkpoint endpoint vpn authentication which uses username, password and dynamicid which sends an sms to the user in or...