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R80.20 Management and vpn domain Edge N

Hello,We plan to update MGMT (MDS) R77.30 to R80.20. This MGMT manages geteways including Edge N/X. Edge N is referred to as supported by R80.20. But when testing we found out that to Edge N not transmitted vpn domain behind central cluster and tr...
Vladimir inside General Management Topics 27m ago
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Periodic update failures

I am seeing in multiple installations periodic failure of the updates. Most frequent ones are the AB/AV with the message stating that the contract verification has failed due to connectivity issues. As a rule, it resolves by itself in a few hours....
Vladimir inside General Management Topics an hour ago
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Manage Policies and Layers displays incorrect installation targets

icy packages are cloned and edited to specify "Specific Gateway" as target: the installation of the package works correctly:   But the information displayed in the "manage Policies and layers" is wrong: Incorrect targets are shown in "Manag...
Vladimir inside General Management Topics 2 hours ago
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Shared layer installation status in all policy packages

When I create a shared Layer and the original policy is cloned multiple times for modifications (not in the shared layer) and installations on specific gateways:  and if the shared layer changed, published and installed  in one of ...
Jesus_Cano inside General Management Topics 2 hours ago
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SMS stucks updating CPUSE

Hi,We are having the same issue always that we update CPUSE from CLI. We run the install from CLI: [Expert@gw-a906d9:0]# rpm -Uhv --force CPda-00-00.i386.rpmPreparing... ########################################### [100%]cpwd_admin:Process DAS...
Jorge_Cardona inside General Management Topics 2 hours ago
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Cannot Disconnect Session made from API call using Python3

I just recently found this issue before I released a program I have developed in Python. I makes API calls, and makes multiple calls. When I publish the changes it goes through, but when I try to logoff, it gets stocked. If I login again via API a...
Thomas_Eichelbu inside General Management Topics 3 hours ago
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Microsoft Updates KB4487026/KB4485447 stops IA and remote access via RADIUS from working??

Hello Check Mates, i have just received an info from one of my customers.after installing the patches KB4487026/KB4485447 on their domain controllers the identity awarenress stopped working, a yellow exclamation mark in SmartView Monitor...
Jesus_Cano inside General Management Topics 3 hours ago
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Smart1-210 maximum memory RAM

Hi,We have a Smart1-210, with the default memory RAM (8GB). It has 2 slots (4+4). Whats the maximum memory capacity for this appliance? wi need to increase memory to upgrade to R80.xThis appliance supports 16GB? 24GB? 
ED inside General Management Topics 3 hours ago
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Blocking pornography without https inspection

Hi,Trying to block pornsites like Youporn fails without https inspection in R80.10. "Categorize HTTPS websites" is enabled. Youporn use a * certificate.Is it true that Application control will not be able to block Pornography cate...
Blason_R inside General Management Topics 3 hours ago
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Captive portal for linux SSH or Terminal windows

Hi there,Is anyone aware if any mechanism exists to leverage Identity awareness when I would like to pass through Firewall with captive Portal enabled while using SSH or Linux with no GUI Terminal?With browser Yes it's pretty much possible; b...
Stuart_Green inside General Management Topics 6 hours ago
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Identity Awareness issue

Hi,Strange issue on a customer site with R80.20 cluster (latest JHF) and the logging of User Identities from a Citrix MUH Host.  Current version on the Citrix Hosts is R80.102.0000.The MUH Agent is showing as being connected and users are sho...
Markus_Kress inside General Management Topics yesterday
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Renew sic on a VSX Cluster

Hey there, we just migrated one of our management server to a server with new hostanme and new ip. As the old management server is also still in use, we had to change ip and name of the new one. Now we want to renew the sic of managemnt serve...
Marco_Huang1 inside General Management Topics yesterday
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objects are locked but there no sessions can be takeover or published

Management server running on R80.10. I've got some objects locked by admin, but checked Session table there are no active sessions holding them.I was using API to modifying the objects, few times the publish process was hung and "lost connect...
inside General Management Topics yesterday
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Limited Permission Profile

Can I setup a read only user with a profile that only allows him to read logs and view his policy only?  This is on a SMS not an MDM.  The purpose is to allow a limited admin the ability to be restricted to just what they control or have...
Maik inside General Management Topics yesterday
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TACACS+ Configuration on MDM/SMS

Hello guys,I have a few questions regarding TACACS+ authentication on MDM and SMS appliances. As far as I know you can configure TACACS servers via the web UI and clish for GAiA itself and also via the related SmartConsole objects (Objects => N...