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R80.20 Updatable Domain Objects and CLI Commands


An updatable object (new in R80.20 and above) is a network object that represents an external service, such as Office 365, AWS, GEO locations and more. External services providers publish lists of IP addresses, or Domains, or both, to allow access to their services. These lists are dynamically updated. Updatable objects derive their contents from these published lists of the providers, which Check Point uploads to the Check Point cloud. The updatable objects are updated automatically on the Security Gateway each time the provider changes a list. There is no need to install policy for the updates to take effect. You can use an updatable object in the Access Control policy as a source, or a destination.

I didn't find anything on the CLI commands in the documentation. Here my knowledge from the reverse engineering.

In 80.20 and above you can run the tool "domains_tool" to show domain object informations.

# domains_tool -d   =>  show which IP is associated to a domain object

# domains_tool -ip                              => search and privide a list of domains for IP

For more informations about updatable object see sk131852.

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Re: R80.20 Updatable Domain Objects and CLI Commands

The domains_tool command is documented in the Internal notes of sk131852.
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