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Which filetypes are pre-defined?

The Endpoint Suite has the option to use pre-defined filetype-groups "image, drawing, archive, database....".

Is there a documentation that clarifies, which MIME-Types are used in these groups?

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MIME types are only relevant when a file is transferred across a network, not necessarily relevant for files stored on a computer. 

The Endpoint Security Admin Guide provides a little more details about what's in the Default Groups, but not a complete list of file extensions or file signatures that are included.

There are predefined categories of similar file types. You cannot change the file types included in these groups, but you can create your own custom groups. This list includes some of the predefined file type groups:

These groups are defined as Business Related by default:

  • Word - Word processor files, such as Microsoft Word.
  • Spreadsheet - Spreadsheet files, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Presentation - Presentation files, such as Microsoft Power Point
  • Database - Database files, such as Microsoft Access or SQL files.
  • Drawing - Drawing or illustration software files, such as AutoCAD or Visio
  • Graphic - Graphic software files such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator
  • Viewer - Platform independent readable files, such as PDF or Postscript
  • Archive - Compressed archive files, such as ZIP or SIT.
  • Markup - Markup language source files, such as HTML or XML
  • Email - Email files and databases, such as Microsoft Outlook and MSG files.
  • Text - Plain text files

Groups defined as Non-Business Related by default:

  • Multimedia - Music and video files, such as MP3 or MOV
  • Image - Vector image files such as JPG or PNG
  • Executable - Executable program files, such as EXE or COM.
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