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Upgrading to R80.40

Trying to upgrade from 77.30 to 80.40

Action items before upgrade:

Errors found! To create a working environment, the errors must be corrected.

Title: Endpoint Management State
* Description: One or more default policies are not linked to the CPMI policies
* Impacts: Linking between CPMI policies to Endpoint default policies should be done before export
* To Do: Please, contact Check Point support


Execution summary:
Return code: 5
Output: Warning: Can't find ::cpsb-ngep in cp.macro. License version might be not compatible
Failed to execute puv_report_generator tool

***************** External tool execution completed *****************
Update verification failed.


Any idea on how this can be corrected?

Thank You

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As the error message says: contact Check Point support.
There is likely some database corruption and TAC has a tool that should fix it.

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