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Default installation and upgrade settings

Hi, I'm new with checkpoint media encryption; I took it over from my predecessor and I'm still trying to understand some its aspects.
Lately I'm having problems uninstalling Media Encryption client version 80.90
Uninstall password is not valid (infamous error 27557)
From SmartEndPoint console I can access under "Policy", the "Default Common Client settings for the entire organization" that I suppose is in force.
From there I'm able to set up a new password for "Default installation and upgrade settings".

After that, I refreshed the policy and update policies at client side.
Despite this I'm still unable to uninstall the client; I went thru a different solution described in sk118233 with no luck.

What am I doing wrong? is anything am I missing?

Thanks in advance for your support

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I believe the issue is related to this: 
It mentions Remote Access VPN but it also impacts other elements of the Endpoint suite.

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