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Sandblast Agent, Cloud, local signature server


Refering to the Check Point VDI_AdminGuide pdf,Shared Signatures Server

Using R81, I am trying to get this working - the pdf tells me how to config, but is says, or atleast shows, that Signature Source (for the signature server) should be set as Local ? .. this has to be a typo ? I would assume for the Signature server itself, it will need to get them externally from Check Point and the populate the local share ? 


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The signature sources relate to where the clients retrieve their updates from (not server)

(I don't believe the shared signature source constitutes a server in this context)

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Employee Alumnus

It's not @Chris_Atkinson it's just another client on the network.

@vinceneil666 What's the use-case? Just setting up a VDI setup with SBA?


Regardless of VDI, what is the best way of configuring a local update server for a remote site?

Shared signatures server described in R81 admin guide or Super Node described in E84.60 client sk171703 ???

What extra size on disk will be needed for this? There is no detailed documentation for any of these...


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