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Thoughts on 2021 Gartner MQ for Endpoints

Hi CheckMates,

First off - let me state that I take Gartner as serious as the next technical guy, but unfortunately we as partners are competing very hard for a piece of our clients security budgets and the C-Levels just love Gartner.  And of course the competition is using this in competitive scenarios now as well.

I find the 2021 findings to be a bit silly where Harmony Endpoint is concerned , with cautions being silly things (IMHO) such as 

  • emphasis on automated remediation (how is this a bad thing!?)
  • marketing strategy (with harmony rebranding CP has made a massive marketing push, but still is irrelevant IMO)
  • limited managed services offerings (Infinity portal facilitates this very well?)
  • larger footprint (this one I'll concede, the client is somewhat heavy on older or low-spec machines)

Fortunately the cautions above is balanced out by the excellent technical performance on the MITRE Evaluation - I'm just interested in Check Point's response to this.  I recall a couple of years Check Point had a very strong response to a Gartner MQ for UTM gateways, whereafter Gartner subsequently updated their MQ putting Check Point in the top right quadrant (going from memory here.)

For reference - the Gartner MW for Endpoint can be found here:


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Not sure what I can say about this publicly, but your local Check Point office should be able to provide some color around this topic.
That said, you've definitely seen the excellent results in the recent MITRE evaluation: