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Replacing McAfee endpoint with Harmony endpoint

Hello everyone,

I have to install Harmony Endpoint on over 1000 Computers on with McAfee endpoint is already installed.

As I can see in this video : when Harmony endpoint is installed, McAfee is automatically goes uninstall.

I want to know if this process is autocally done or if there any thing else to do.



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Consult for more details.

Removing other products is not the default action, it does require a non-standard install line.

I'd suggest you pilot this on a few devices first.
Otherwise, would it be too much trouble to just use your ePO to uninstall the Endpoints cleanly?
While the Check Point agent probably does a decent enough job at it, I'd generally prefer a 1st party solution.

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Hi @Swiftyyyy 

Thanks for this reponse. I would just like how it works, I will do some tests in lab invronment.

Othervise, Is it possible to configure a package with this option with automatically uninstall McAfee through the cloud console and then install it on the clients or this is just possible in command line interface as I can see in Web Admin guide ?


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I went through this a few months ago (but on ~15k endpoints)

You could try this method (first of all You must change mcafee policy, disable password protection and self protect) 

But in my case on some endpoints only mcafee agent was  uninstalled, and in more then 50% cases mcafee dxl wosnt uninstalled at all and could not uninstall it manualy also) 

Running mcafee endpoint product removal tool after harmony was installed fully also isnt a good idea bocouse it could coroupt some blades (antimalware goes to unknown to not running state) got info from support that it is z known issue and they will send You an patch  for fixing this issue)



We're having the same situation.

I can suggest you the "Compliance Blade" -> we've created a Rule which checks if both AV's are running, if so we let the McAfee Endpoint Removal Tool handle the uninstallation.

Group Check: (CPHE Anti-Malware or McAfee VSE running exclusively) -> [Require at least one check to succeed]

  • None of CPHE Anti-Malware or McAfee VSE running
  • McAfee but no CPHE Anti-Malware running
  • CPHE Anti-Malware but no McAfee running

Works like a charm.

Best regards,


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If I were you, I would get an official answer from TAC. You definitely dont want to come into a situation where you are confident install will work, but then it complains about McAfee portions still being present.

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We've already used it with around 100 Clients and Servers. 

It is the default behavior to get rid of McAfee and it is recommended by McAfee to use the McAfee Endpoint Removal Tool.


I'm not sure if TAC could provide me an sufficient solution since their ability to do something are very limited in the case of "McAfee Replacement"

Best regards

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