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Recommended Endpoint Client Releases and User UI

The current recommended version is still E86.80 which is from November 2022.

Since then there have been several new clients out, so do Check Point recommend staying at the E86.80 version, or should users go for the latest release which is E87.30 from May 2023. 

The reason I ask is that we will being doing an upgrade of our clients from E86.10 which consists of several thousand devices and I don't really want to roll out a client that is 7 months old to that amount of devices if the recommended version is going to change soon to one of the later ones.

Also is there a way to default the UI to the older interface, rather than use the newer UI and have to manually switch it?  Several people have seen it and everyone has commented that the new UI doesn't look great and isn't very user friendly.


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Thats really tricky situation and here is why...every time I was on the phone with TAC, answer seems to be whatever is most convenient at the time. If there is an issue with latest, they say install recommended, or the other way around, if recommended does not work right, install latest and if latest does not work either, well, good luck lol

Anyway, I get your logic though...personally, I always suggest not latest one, but one below, since they do usually have few fixes included.

Just my 2 cents...

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Through GPO, you could deploy a registry change to force the Classic UI after deployment (or maybe before?): 


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