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RE: sk154912 SandBlast agent for browsers on Internet Explorer shows "Incompatible"


I have a customer concerned about the SandBlast Agent  for browsers not supporting IE Enhanced Security His issues are:

"So I'm assuming then that... Sandblast functioning will give us better security protection than the IE Enhanced Security feature? Does Sandblast provide similar functionality regarding validating site certs, disabling install of add-on's, etc.? Or if we turn off IE Enhanced Security do we need to enable a select subset of security controls to provide the optimal combination of security features?"

I can't find the answers to his questions anywhere from Check Point. Does anybody know?


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Perhaps @Lior_Arzi can confirm, but I think you will have to enable a select subset of security controls and not IE Enhanced Security to achieve your targets.
That said, not sure I would be using Internet Explorer to browse the Internet at this point, especially since Microsoft has deprecated it and moving everyone to their Chromium-based Edge browser. 

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IE Enhanced Protection Mode of IE adds an additional layer of restrictions to the browser, by running website content in MS AppContiner which is a kind of sandbox environment. AFAIK this feature is OFF by default because of compatibility issues MS had with it.

Anyway, we don’t have plans to support this legacy mode.

We do highly recommend upgrading from IE to newer browser technology like - Edge, Chrome that are considered safer and to protect your Endpoint system with SandBlast Agent, including its sandbox and sterilization capabilities.

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