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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Dynamic package

Introducing the SandBlast Agent's Dynamic package.

Starting version R80.40 & E82.40 we've introduced a new feature - "Dynamic Package", it introduces a few new benefits you did not have before.

  • You can use a single package for all types of Windows Endpoints 
    • Export a single package for any CPU (32bit and 64bit)
  • You control the size of the exported package:
    • Select any set of blades, the exported package will include only the required binaries.
    • Select which pre-requisites to install on the endpoint.
    • Decide if to update anti-malware signatures upon install
    • Client upgrade: download only the files that were changed

A few examples/statistics (Figures may vary between different deployments and are only used as reference)

Selected blades

Dynamic Package – Fresh install

Dynamic Package – Client Upgrade

Monolithic package – fresh and upgrade

All blades

~ 650 MB

~ 450 MB no .NET

~ 350 MB no signatures

~ 150 MB

650 MB (Full package)


~ 150 MB

~ 50 MB

200 MB (Threat Prevention package)

FDE Only

~80 MB no .NET

~ 30 MB

270 MB (Data protection package)


~ 106 MB

~ 40 MB

270 MB (Data protection package)


~ 230 MB

~ 80 MB

650 MB (Full package)

Anti-malware, VPN, MEPP

~ 128 MB no .NET, no signatures

~ 412 MB including signatures

~ 60 MB

650 MB (Full package)

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