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R81.10 Endpoint - Mac client connectivity

I just completed the migration from an R80.30 to R81.10 Endpoint server.

Typically I build the new server in a VLAN separating it from the production server, until I am happy that it is working correctly then switch them out.

I have a Windows, and Mac laptop for testing purposes, and other than a small "patver" issue on the Windows laptop the test was successful.

On the Mac however, the installed E86.20 client was refusing to connect.  Both Windows, and Mac laptops were configured the same way, with an IP address, and netmask that allowed connectivity to the server.  Because the laptops had to be have an IP that allowed connectivity, I don't bother to include a gateway/router in their config as it is un-necessary.

For example, if the server was "", and I would give the laptops the addresses "", and "".

Windows was fine, and this has always worked for me, but on the Mac, even though I could SSH on to the server, connect to Gaia etc. the Endpoint client would not connect until I put in a gateway, so something like "".

This seems more like an Endpoint issue, rather than a MacOS issue.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Presume you weren't relient on reaching DNS for your test, does the issue persists with E86.30?

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I don't think it was DNS, as it worked without any DNS settings for both Windows, and Mac once the gateway/router was configured.

Once I had the Mac version working I moved the server into production, so I didn't have a change to re-test E86.30, but to be fair I only did the install on the Windows machine.

One of the reasons for us upgrading, other than the September deadline, was we had been told that the new server would allow the selective installation/upgrade of blades on the Mac, just like on Windows.  But now I read this is only available for cloud deployments, not on premise, and for that I need to wait for R81.20.

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