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Property Value for uninstall code to uninstall Checkpoint Capsule cloud MSI package

Hi team
We are trying to uninstall the Checkpoint Cloud Capsule agent using a MSI package
When the capsule cloud agent gets uninstalled it asks for an uninstall code(attached)
We know the code and once we enter the code on a single-user machine by manually typing the code, the capsule cloud agent gets uninstalled without any issue
We need to automate this uninstall process by creating a MSI package file so that we can remove the agent from 200+ machines
Do we know the "property field" for this uninstall code that we can use in the MSI package, please? We thought its "UNINSTALL_PASSWORD" but when we put that code (our passcode), MSI logging is translating into NOPASS as password 

Thanks in advance for your help



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Not sure this is possible.
Recommend engaging with the TAC here: 


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