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Problems saving Excel files

Hi All,


I have E86.20 now. And after deployment several users started getting problems writing files to networks shares on our fileserver.

Files are getting replaced by .tmp files with no apparent reason. With old version this didn't occured.

And we are loosing files!!!

Anyone experienced this problem?


Best Regards,

Paulo Balau


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You are referring to harmony endpoint (old sandblast) agent, correct? If so, maybe check with TAC, see what they suggest. I personally never heard/seen this sort of issue with any version.

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Hi, we've actually experienced the same issue after upgrading to E86.01, currently we're handling it by excluding the fileserver network shares from Threat Emulation policy on clients that access it.

I do suggest you bring this up with TAC though, but the exclusion could be a temporary bandaid.



This is a known issue that was just resolved. Our new client E86.25 that released last week has the fix for this.


Justin Cortez
Technology Leader | Endpoint Cyber Security Products | Americas Endpoint Team

Dear Justin,


We are experiencing the same issue with a customer of ours and upgraded to the 86.25.5060 CEP version because it contained the fix for this problem, but things got even worse. There were computers who recently didnt come in so they were running an older version (83 or 83 i think) and didnt have the problem. After coming in, the issue started appearing because their client upgraded to version 86.25.5060.

Currently they are switching over to another antivirus because they simply can't work, or have extra manual work to remove/update the duplicate temp files which is not ideal.

I will try excluding the entire network location from the Threat Emulation policy, but as already mentioned, this is simply a bandaid and not a fix for the original problem.

Is there any update in sight? There have been multiple threads about this issue but so far I have not found a solution/build that works just yet, at least not without excluding the entire network path.


Kind regards,


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