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Preboot fails on Latitude 7410 with secure boot enabled

Dear Community,

we are using a few different Dell Latitudes in our environment. E6440, E7450, E7470, 7480, 7490...
A few months ago we bought 10 Latitude 7410.

All of them were installed with our standard image (W10) and checkpoint endpoint security / full disk encryption.
8 devices just working fine. 2 devices cannot pass preboot auth, unless secure boot is disabled.

It happens as soon as checkpoint client is installed and asks for FDE activation.
Device will restart and stucks at "DELL" boot screen. Even after 30 minutes, it will not boot.
I disabled fast boot as recommend in a thread. No change.
Disable secure boot will bring back preboot authentification.

Does anyone have this model in use and experienced the same?

I do not like to keep secure boot disabled on those devices.

Also, it does not really matter which checkpoint-version is installed. One device has E80.96. Other device E84.30.

Thank you in advance.

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You should be using the most recent version to ensure compatibility with the most recent builds of Windows 10.
I also recommend a TAC case here so we can see why it’s not working.


Strange that 8 work OK and 2 don't.  Do they all have the latest BIOS installed with all the same settings enabled/disabled?


Apparently most current BIOS version 1.5.2 solved the issue. Then set fastboot to "Minimal" as "Thorugh" will result in the same issue.
And secure boot can be enabled again.

I am just surprised that the other 8 devices are on 1.4.0 without issues. Maybe some different hardware combinations.

Thank you.

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