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Outlook Client Add-in

Hey there,

I've been experiencing an issue in regards to the Outlook client, specifically the add-in installed along with the EDR client.

It seems like the EDR is not scanning the attachments from any email, be it via save-as, drag n drop, etc. Is this normal? I expected the add-in to act similarly to the way the browser extension works.

As far as I can tell, the add-in does not come to it at all, it's just there, I'm neither getting a prompt or see a scan action in the logs for my test machine.

Am I missing something rather obvious here?


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You might make sure it's not disabled:
Otherwise, I suggest a TAC case: 

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Hey again,

Thanks for the prompt response. As far as I cant tell, it's enabled in the outlook settings (as per my attachment). However, my view and the solution view do not match, meaning I only have the one add-in (Checkpoint Harmony Add-in) whereas, I seem to be missing the rest of the add-ins as listed in the solution page you posted in the response (Checkpoint Outphish - Harmony Add-in). Although I would wager the former is from Email and Collaboration?

At any rate, thanks again!

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You expected that Sandboxing will work in Oultook with the Outlook CheckPoint Harmony add-in?

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