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How to disable SBA?

Hello guys!

I would like to know if there is any possibility to disable the SBA through Push Operation or Script faster without having to uninstall.

Reason, to eliminate the possibility that the SBA is causing the problem and to help the support team.

Making it clear, I don't want to make this option accessible to the end user.

I currently use version E85.40 and E84.50

Can you help me clear this question?

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Hm, thats a good question...honestly, Im not really an endpoint guy, but I worked with it a little bit in the past, though never seen that option. When you say disable, can you clarify please? Are you referring to simply deactivating certain blades on SBA or something else?

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Well, I wanted to know how to disable all blades temporarily.

There is a small solution, but I wanted to know if there was another way.

The solution would be to create a virtual group and isolate the computer. Ai in this group would disable the blades.

However, my question was whether the SBA really had a specific option without having to uninstall or isolate the computer from the source group.

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The way I generally do it is through policy, but that's often not enough; network driver re-installations for example often require me to remove the client entirely then re-deploy.

TAC did forward me a "passdialogue.exe" tool once which once launched asks for the uninstall pw then disables the self-protection capabilities of EPS, allowing you to stop & disable the services. Perhaps ask a support representative if they're able to forward you the file.
But I last tried it with EPS E84.50 & newer where it wouldn't work. Don't know if that was just user error on my part however.

I did hear that they were working on a better method of accomplishing this.


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