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Endpoint Security connected but without any access

Hello CheckMates,

I am facing rather strange behavior.

We have users connecting to our R80.20 gateway with E80.96 and E83.10 clients.
Sometimes user (randomly affecting different users) connects to VPN gateway, office mode IPv4 address is assigned. But the user is not able to access any internal resource or is not reachable from withing corporate network to assigned office mode IP (not even ping - firewall-wise allowed).

Strange thing is that when a different user logs-in it just works without any issue which points to some problem with VPN user session itself. I have tried to "Reset tunnel" from SmartView monitor - unfortunately did not help.

This issue recovers itself after some time, it almost looks like that there is some timer and when it expires it establishes a new session without this problem.

To summary this it seems to affect user session and even after reconnect and attempts to reset tunnel it seems to persist. Upgrade to a new VPN client version doesn't help - assuming that it is indeed related to user session (even when VPN session is re-established), when different user logs-in on the same affected workstation it works, when the previous user log-in the issue is back.

Do you have any experience with similar (mis)behavior?
Could you please point me to any resources which might be helpful in this case? (I wasn't able to find anything similar)



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Please open a TAC case for this

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