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Endpoint Security (Management Server) Sizing

Hi all,

I am planning a project of deploying 2500+ Sandblast Agent.
Would like to know if there is any sizing guide for the Endpoint Management Server and Event Server

Found out a sizing guide at E80.50, would it still apply to E80.70 and onwards?

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Thank you.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus


First, are you planning on running management on appliance or open server?

Yes, the guide is outdated and missing the new SBA features. You could use it as a guideline, but to get an official recommendation you'll have to go through Check Point solution center / RnD.


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The various Smart-1 appliances are rated to manage a specific number of gateways.

Multiply that number by 100 and you have the number of Endpoints they are rated to manage.

SmartEvent is a separate matter and is sized based on the amount of logs generated.

This will include more than just your endpoints, presumably.


When in doubt. Be generous in the amount of resources you allocate. In particular to SmartEvent machines.

While sizing guides are getting better I am still rather sceptical. If a customer asks for sizing to hold for 5 years I strongly recommend that they limit the scope to 3 years. Looking ahead for 5 years simply is too long in my experience.

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