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Endpoint Clients running E80.65 - E80.72

Beware, If you have E80.65 clients, the AV signature file has not updated since Feb 3, 2019 on any of your clients.

The workaround is to install a new supported version or implement SK119835.

The problem with either solution is you have to reboot the client.

Now throw in the issue that the client is a server!!!

We have E80.71 clients also but, they are updating.

Just wondering how many other users were aware of this?

How were users notified that E80.65 would lose its ability to update the DAT file?

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I'm not sure we supported installing our Endpoint client on a server at E80.65, FWIW.

I think the first version where that was supported was E80.72.

But I was unaware of this issue myself and good to know.


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