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Dynamic Mount Utility (DMU)

The Dynamic Mount Utility is needed to mount drives that have been encrypted with Check Point's Full Disk Encryption product. This is needed if the operating system fails on the endpoint computer.

The Dynamic Mount Utility:

  • Lets you access hard disks connected through a USB port
  • Is hardware independent
    • Note - The Full Disk Encryption Alternative Boot Menu is not hardware independent.
  • Runs from a Windows environment, or from a pre-prepared WinPE or BartPE CD/DVD.
  • Replaces the Full Disk Encryption slaving feature of previous releases.
  • Does not require Full Disk Encryption on the disk.

There are two versions of this tool:

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Two extra points. When installing the DMU, do not install the software on a device in which the Check Point Endpoint Client is loaded.  We use a separate device that does not have the endpoint client installed.

Second, although the entire drive doesn't need to be fully encrypted, the encrypted volume for which you are trying to recover data needs to be fully encrypted.  If the device was in the middle of encryption and the device failed, you need to initiate recovery procedures to remove encryption from the device to gain access to that data.



I used the procedure described on Full Disk Encryption - Dynamic Mount Utility 1.6, I receive the message that the hd has been unprotected but clicking on the drive unlocked, pc go in hangs. I also tried to connect the hdd as slave and installed the Windows version of the DMU and still the same. I used psmain tool because the original error is generated by these but aftere the restore DB I get again the error. I also used  the .rec process and after click on Recover All getting again the psmain error. I use an hdd diagnostic tool and no error has been found. Have you any suggestion? 

Thank a lot!

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It's probably worth a TAC case to troubleshoot.

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