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Configuration for macOS


We're deploying the Endpoint VPN client to our Macs, and we want to predefine some settings.

1. Gateway, so users don't have to manually run the Site Wizard

2. Disable "Always Connect" as default.

I'm able to edit the trac.defaults file and change 'neo_always_connected' to 'false', but this ends up "locking" the settings in the GUI so the end users can't change the setting at a later time, or even configure VPN Tunneling.

As for setting a default gateway, I'm at at loss. the trac.defaults file has so many options I don't know where to start.

So, I guess my question is; Are there any documentation on how to configure the client on macOS? E.g. a document explaining the options in trac.default?




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Some of these things need to be set on the gateway side (not client side).
Believe most/all of these also apply in trac.config as well:

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Thanks, I suspected that.

I can see the Site Wizard populates the Trac.config file with the gateway details. I was thinking just deploying the same Trac.config file, populated with only the site details, across all devices. Would that cause any issues?

According to our Checkpoint guy, the Always-Connect option is set to "Configured on endpoint client" on the gateway. I'm able to set it to 'true' and 'false' in Trac.defaults and it reflects in the VPN client options, but I'm not able to change the setting in the GUI (VPN Options -> Properties -> Settings), the options are greyed out.

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