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Can agent exported from one EPM server connect to other?

Hi Folks,

Somehow I believe I need to re-format the existing EPM R77.30.03 server due to hard disk failure and unfortunately I do not have a backup of that.

Now the only option left in front of me is to create a new R80.30/80.20 server and get the new agent. Wondering if the existing agents deployed on endpoints can they be configured so that they can connect to the new EPM server?

Or at the max, I do not have any option left but to deploy new agents, but as a last resort if the above can be done?



Blason R

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As long as the IP of the EPSS does not change, this could be possible ! But how to get the users and packages  into the new EPSS and define the rules for the EP Policy ? For IP change we would have sk65451: Changing the EndpointManagement Server's IPAddress.

But all that is In-Place or Advanced Upgrade or no upgrade at all...

CCSE CCTE SMB Specialist
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