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Blue screen (PFN_LIST_CORRUPT) after E80.94 to E81.10 upgrade Windows 10 1703


We've now had two instances where a Windows 10 1703 machine running E80.94 has failed to upgrade correctly to E81.10.

The package appears to deploy and install okay.  Upon restart the pre-boot screen shows it is running E81.10 but then the OS loads, gets to the login screen and within a few seconds it blue screens with the error:


For the first machine, a laptop, I created recovery media for, stripped off FDE, and then performed a system restore to a previous point.  I was then able to uninstall the Endpoint software and am in the process of patching the machine to 1809.

During the removal of Endpoint I observed that it was still running E80.94, which was the version shown on the recovery key, not E81.10.  Perhaps this is the reason for the blue screen.

In any case I am about to investigate the second machine and will hopefully have the same workaround.

I can say I have successfully upgraded 150 machines to E81.10, with a further 103 awaiting upgrade from E80.94, so these are small numbers, thankfully.


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Have you opened a TAC case by chance?
Definitely sounds like something went awry in the upgrade process.
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Hi Dameon,

No, not yet.  It's one of those situations where I can resolve the issue in a couple of hours, but if I log a support case to investigate it will likely be down for a week while we find out what's going on.

If any of them were non-production, or I can pursuade an end-user to accept a replacement machine while we look in to it, then I definitely will.

EDIT:  As luck would have it, a third machine has popped up and the user was happy for me to take it away and install a new machine with 1809 and E81.10 pre-installed.

I will open a support ticket with our collab partner, and if anything useful and relevant pops up from that I will post feedback here.


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