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80.89 blue screens server

Anyone else run into blue screen issues with 80.89?

Tried doing an upgrade install from 80.86 to 80.89 on a server 2012r2 box this morning and it would no longer boot.

Restored that server, uninstalled 80.86, tried installing 80.89 and it blue screened again. 

See screen shot. 

Anyone else run into this issue? Very hesitant to continue with any more installs of 80.89 at this point. 

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

We have not seen such issue on other cases.

Please approach support, provide them with the dump fille and we will follow up with you to investigate and resolve.

Thanks for reporting.


I had to restore that system because it was a production server and I didn't have time to try and collect logs/etc. 

I will attempt to install again and see what I can collect. 

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