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Announcing General Availability (GA) for Securing Remote Users using Harmony Connect App for Windows

Hi everyone,

Today, Harmony Connect App exits from public beta and becomes generally available.

Key benefits for using Harmony Connect App for remote users:

  • Highest level of security for remote users going to the Internet
  • Simple to get started from Check Point Infinity Portal
  • The app automatically updates itself, saving maintenance work from the security administrator

Please check out our webinar for how to get started, pro tips and roadmap items.

Start your trial today:

  1. Log into Infinity Portal or create a new account for your company.
  2. Click the Menu image004.png and select image005.png Harmony Connect
  3. At Getting Started, select Secure Internet access for Remote Users to unlock the end-to-end workflow for high level of security for your users
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Great talk, thanks @Tomer_Sole!


Are there any plans for a linux client on the road map?

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It is planned but not in the near time frames.

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I tested the Beta and was impressed with the ability to be up and running within minutes and threat prevention but it still needs to include the following features 

1.Geo-IP enforcement

2.Remote Browser Isolation integration for uncategorized sites

3.Updateable objects

4.Create alerts on malicious activity/DLP events.

5. Ability to customize block pages

6. Restrict Access to SaaS business account/Tenant. Example would be to restrict your employees to only your Dropbox account instead all of Dropbox.


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