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Public Beta - Harmony Connect for Users

Hi everyone,


Securing employees everywhere has been an important mission for Check Point.


Our cloud security platform, Harmony Connect, has been used for securing Internet access for branch offices for some time now.


We are now extending our platform for remote users.


Harmony Connect App for Windows 10 is a network security as-a-service solution. Deployed automatically using corporate enforcement tools or manually using email invites, it automatically identifies the logged-on user and sends their Internet traffic through Check Point's nearest cloud service.


Offloading the inspection to Check Point's cloud security service has major benefits:

  • Check Point's cloud runs the latest security capabilities and automatically scales to the company capacity.
  • Organizations can maintain a high level of security for users everywhere with no resource penalties at the end user's machine or at their local data centers.


For more, check out this video:



Over the past year, the app has been at an invite-only Beta phase.


The app is now in Public Beta.


To get an early access:

  1. Log into Infinity Portal or create a new account for your company.
  2. Click the 
    Menu  menu.png and select small-icon.png Harmony Connect
  3. The new Getting Started page has 2 options - Remote Users and Branch Offices.
    Select Secure Internet access for Remote Users to unlock the end-to-end workflow for high level of security for your users.


(Interested with securing branch offices? The new Getting Started page helps you reach the highest level of security for your branch offices without the operational overhead - you are welcome to try it as well!)






To Share Feedback:

  1. Simply reply to this thread, or:
  2. When using the app, right-click its  tray icon  Group 11437.png and select Share Feedback. Check Point will contact you privately.









8 Replies

Hi Tomer,


Great news. What about MacOS clients?

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A private EA for the Mac app should start very soon - we will contact you


I like the always-on feature, the ability to create IPS exceptions, creating rule was easy and straight forward and I went from installation to enforcing policy in about about 15 minutes. What I think should added listed below - just to start...

1.Geo-IP enforcement

2.Remote Browser Isolation integration for uncategorized sites

3.Updateable objects

4.Create alerts on malicious activity

5. Endpoint posture check

6. Ability to customize block pages

If you could enlighten as to when and if any of the above or additional features would be added to Harmony Connect. that would be appreciated. Thanks

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we are gradually extending our Internet access policy. But we are pushing in higher gears the additional apps for Mac and mobile - we will update once those are ready for early access!

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I can confirm there is a macOS client as I have tested it. 😁
As Tomer said, we’ll make it part of the EA soon. 


Unable to install agent. Sits at 5% 'Securing your traffic' for a brief moment it says something about

unable to connect to cloud service and flips back to 'Securing your traffic'.

I am wondering if my Cylance AV is blocking it.

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Thank you. Could you please submit a support ticket? We want to check it and assist.

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I had the same issue after the initial install but did a reboot and has been working with no issue for the past few days.

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