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Kim_Moberg inside CloudGuard SaaS Saturday
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using Azure AD for O365 using ID-Guard in SaaS

Hi CheckMates,I would like to know if CG SaaS does support MS Azure AD with O365 application?Reason why I ask if first the help states limitation that I is currently not supported but the following SK137853 else starte how to configure - http://su...
inside CloudGuard SaaS 3 weeks ago
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CloudGuard SaaS OnBoarding solution sk148713

Dear SaaS community, We've released  "CloudGuard SaaS OnBoarding solution sk148713"contains all the essential information for initial as well as more advanced product usage and guides. More content be added along the time, we apprec...
Kim_Moberg inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-03-19
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CG SaaS Identity Provider - Microsoft Azure AD and O365 applications - still out of support?

Hi CheckMates,I have the last 2 month been working with CG SaaS and have partly implemented all features.I am not looking into using ID-Guard to make sure our other SaaS application are not being used for account take over or possible logins from ...
Kim_Moberg inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-03-19
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CG SaaS - What are the recommended MFA solution

Hi CheckMates,Does anyone have any experience and possible recommendation for a Identity Provider for ID-Guard for Identity in CG SaaS?I see Check Point are pointing at Okta, Microsoft AD FS and Centrify in the help guides for CG SaaS.I am not fin...
inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-02-20
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Sandblast Cloud for Office 365 ---> CloudGuard SaaS migration Step by Step - version 1.1

Hi everyone,I've put together a step by step guide about Sandblast Cloud for Office 365 ---> CloudGuard SaaS (Office 365 emails) migration.This document can also serve as guide to help new customers setup their CloudGuard SaaS portal and connec...
inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-02-17
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CPX360 Vienna, Feb 18-20

Come visit us at CPX360 Vienna, Feb 18-20 at Technology Innovations Labs and learn from experts how to protect your SaaS applications in just five minutes.  Igor Freidin‌ Shlomo Yeret‌
Aurora_Chavez inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-02-13
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Security events not appear on saas

In the Saas portal does not appear data in the security events, previously we had a demo license and all the security events were deployed, without any when we placed the definitive license and there are no security events. Has anyone had a simila...
Kim_Moberg inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-01-27
views 262 1 2

CloudSaaS Office 365 E-mail DLP setup

Dear CheckMates,Question to DLP setup.I have configured Data Leak Prevention (DLP) policy for Office 365 E-mails in CloudGuard SaaS and because our company operates in Denmark and the rest of Europe I want to comply to EU GDPR regulation of not se...
Roberto_Francis inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-01-26
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Reports in CloudGuard SaaS

I have enabled CGS with Office365, I want to know, how to export reports to pdf or other format?
Kim_Moberg inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-01-20
views 1800 1 1

One administrative CloudGuard SaaS documentation

Dear @Abigael Saal Levy Are there any possiblity to merge all three guides into one guide?Check Point CloudGuard SaaS Getting Started Guide Check Point CloudGuard SaaS Threat Protection Administration Guide Check Point CloudGuard Sa...
Kim_Moberg inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-01-20
views 1877 4

Why does it take 8-10 minutes to get through after protect(inline) mode is enabled

Hi CheckMatesSince last week I have been running CloudGuard SaaS for Office 365 in policy mode “Monitoring”.I have been preparing to setup Protect (inline) accordingly CloudGuard SaaS manual.This mean that I have to create a group and add a limite...
Blason_R inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-01-19
views 1718 9 1

How to identify my portal name to start journal rule?

Hi there,I am partner of Check Point and activated CG SAAS however everything went fine but wondering what would be my portal name so that journaling rule will be set?Thanks and Regards,blason R
Kim_Moberg inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-01-10
views 1290 2

What are the best practice for implementing CG SaaS for O365 E-mail Threat Detection policy

Hi Checkmates, I have started to implement CG SaaS for O365 after ending use of Sandblast for O365. I have some questions to O365 E-mail Threat Dectection Policy mode.I have started using "Monitoring" mode, but doesn't Protect users or d...
inside CloudGuard SaaS 2018-12-30
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We are delighted to announce the General Availability (GA) of Check Point CloudGuard SaaS™ - our security solution for SaaS applications and cloud-based email.  CloudGuard SaaS is an easy cloud service that provides complete protection agains...