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inside CloudGuard SaaS a month ago
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CloudGuard SaaS Security Checkup

CloudGuard SaaS - Introducing Events Window and Security Checkup Hello SaaS community We are thrilled to introduce the new Infinity Portal Events Window. Customers can access it at the tenant dashboard's bottom left. Similar to Smart Log, the Events Window aggregates events’ information from all the Infinity portal applications and allows filtering and search on all events’ fields . Users can view log statistics on the right panel, choose the log dates they would like to filter, export logs to excel, view granular details on each log and more.     Adjacent to the Logs tab you can find the CloudGuard SaaS Security Checkup report! Security Checkup is the prime report to use at the end of each POC to reveal the value of CloudGuard SaaS to a potential customer This is an on-demand, executive format, event and analysis report that summarizes all events collected by the Log system. The report’s based events can cover different time periods which are configurable at the Time-Filter menu on the top left corner (see below). You can export the report to PDF, Excel or to only get the generic template by using the “Options” menu at the top right corner of the window. The security report together with the “Phishing Reports” tool highlights the value Cloud Guard SaaS brings to our customers.   Try it out!
Krishna inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-09-06
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Deploying r80.20 CP standalone gateway with management and gateway in Azure

Hi, While deploying CP R80.20 standalone gateway in Azure, haven't found option to select weather it should be deployed as just Gateway/Gateway & Management/Management server while deploying (It will ask this while deploying R80.10), instead it asked for SIC key. Only gateway got deployed and not management. Does R80.20 supports management server and gateway in one device?Can we enable management server after the deployment of gateway?How to deploy both of them in standalone device in azure? Thanks in advance
Chanatip_Adisak inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-09-06
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CloudSaaS Office 365 OneDrive DLP setup

Hi guys,First of all, I'm new with CloudGuard SaaS and doing test integration with Office 365 for OneDrive DLP setup and getting stuck at some configuration that can't block sensitive data when uploading the file via OneDrive application such as credit card info for example.I have already configured OneDrive rule for DLP, refer screenshots below.1st figure, with Policy Rules for Office 365 OneDrive DLP2nd figure, for Rule DLP setting with PCI Credit Card Numbers3rd figure, uploaded the sensitive data file and shared to everyone4th figure, CloudGuard SaaS does not block this file. 5th figure, No display events on overview dashboard. I do not know where I'm missing configuration. Anyone any ideas? Really appreciate every comments Regards,Sarm 
Anup inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-08-29
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How to get license for R80.20 management server in AWS

Hi Mates,Our managemnent server was in R77.30 in AWS, recently upgraded to R80.20 from Amazon market place. After doing migrate import my Smat console stopped syncing with SMS, and unable to open. previously when i installed evaluation license it worked. how to get the license. we were using PAYG license.How to install license and activite.
JaviTI inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-08-21
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CloudGuard SaaS - subject: phishing alert!

Hello,Yesterday an email reached a user with the subject "Phishing Alert!". What we validate that comes from a friendly domain and that the attached pdf, which is a report of another security solution, contains in its fake and harmful url lines for evidence, now what we proceeded to do is to add the account of the exceptions sender but emails continue to arrive with the subject of alert to the aforementioned recipient. The domain you send is trustworthy and we know that the file by the nature of your data is true and accepted, as we can do so that the alert does not leave for that source of mail. Please friends your support.Javi.
Martins inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-07-24
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CloudGuard SaaS supports Office 365 E3 and above?

Hi, I want to know if the CludGuard Saas supoorts the Office 365 E3 and above?Thanks.
Stelios inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-06-05
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CloudGuard SaaS Provisioning

Hello guys,I try to figure it out if the CloudGuard SaaS support spoofing or just work for phishing. 
Kim_Moberg inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-06-04
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CG SaaS Identity Provider - Microsoft Azure AD and O365 applications - still out of support?

Hi CheckMates,I have the last 2 month been working with CG SaaS and have partly implemented all features.I am not looking into using ID-Guard to make sure our other SaaS application are not being used for account take over or possible logins from outside other and our employees.Therefore I have been looking at the existing Identity Providers and I would like to know if Microsoft Azure AD now have been fully implemented.I am now confused by the CG SaaS help writing about the limitations.Currently, CloudGuard SaaS can integrate with any Identity Provider and SaaS application that supports SAML2.0.However, these combinations are not currently supported:Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) with Office 365 applicationsG Suite Identity provider with Google AppsBut in the same help it links to Configuration examples with specific combinations of Identity Providers and Service Providers:Okta and Office 365: sk134192Okta and G Suite: sk136993Microsoft AD FS and Office 365: sk133692Microsoft AD FS and G Suite: sk132716Microsoft Azure AD and G Suite: sk137853Centrify and Office 365: sk144212 But following the guide How to configure G Suite and Microsoft Azure AD with CloudGuard SaaS Authentication Service it seems like it is supported, or am I totally wrong here?@Abigael_Saal_Le  please is it possible for you to elaborate on this?Thanks 
raulem inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-05-20
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Performance Problem OneDrive

 We have been testing CLOUDGUARD SAAS for a week now. In this youtube video the detection of viruses in onedrive is immediate. During our tests, the system takes a week to find the new viruses. (Tested with question is the test version limited?
Roy_Smith inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-05-17
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Is EMS License required?

HiWe are looking to start making the move to Office365 but need to make sure we don't compromise security.We currently have a mix of MS E3 and F1 Office365 licenses. For additional security, we would need to purchase EMS licenses as well. However, if we went down the Cloudguard SAAS route, would we still require the MS EMS licenses?If not, what features would we lose? And if we do need EMS as well, what does EMS provide that SAAS does not?Thanks in advanceRoy
inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-05-14
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White Paper - SandBlast Cloud Office 365 to CloudGuard SaaS for Office 365 Migration

Author @Eugene_Tcheby  Abstract: This document’s objective is to help customers with accessing CG SaaS portal, and setting up their SaaS application(s) (Office 365 emails in this case) and policy to match current SB Cloud policy, before full migration from Sandblast Cloud portal to CG SaaS.   For the full list of White Papers, go here. 
inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-05-10
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White Paper - Azure Service Principal Configuration

Author Adam Lasser @Adam_Lasser  Abstract: When using Check Point solutions in Microsoft Azure, certain permissions are required for many operations. Cluster deployments require API access to make network level changes, Scale Set deployments have to launch or terminate virtual machines and CloudGuard Controller needs to read dynamic information from the environment for proper policy operations. The procedure below covers how to create an Azure active directory application and service principal to use with Check Point deployments in Azure.   For the full list of White Papers, go here. 
inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-05-07
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White Paper - CloudGuard SaaS Threat Extraction

Author @Brian_Heffner    Abstract: The purpose of this document is to explain a confusing Threat Extraction “scan details” action within CloudGuard SaaS. I will be focusing on something called “should replace.” We will be focused on the Threat Protection portion of the portal and not the Identity Protection portion.   For the full list of White Papers, go here. 
inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-05-07
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White Paper - Reducing False Positives with DLP in CloudGuard SaaS

Author @Brian_Heffner  Abstract: The purpose of this white paper is to reduce DLP false positives. This document is written to help you reduce the number of false positives in the DLP config of Cloud Guard SaaS. With Check Point’s powerful DLP engine, can come a high amount of false positives. False positives are the result of the strength and depth of Check Point’s DLP engine. We have a large of amount of DLP power. As with any power, it must be controlled. As a result, of this DLP noise it is important to configure your DLP rules correctly.   For the full list of White Papers, go here. 
inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-04-30
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CloudGuard SaaS April 2019 upgrade

Greetings SaaS community, This week we started with gradual upgrade of CloudGuard SaaS with new features and bug fixes. You can read about new features here "sk144616 CloudGuard SaaS - What's New"   One of the newly introduced cool features is  phishing blacklist for unwanted/spam emails, which can be easily built based on template of  any given received email. Assume you configured "Inline protection" for phishing emails but there is still unwanted  email  came thru or email didn't have enough parameters to be incriminated and quarantined as phishing one. You see CloudGuard SaaS scans the "..Don't  Miss Flash Savings" email but it seems Benign and delivered to your inbox:   Clicking the "Mark email as phishing" you'll see new menu be opened with email parameters and the list (currently single one) of matched emails:   Reducing email parameters and leaving just the 'Sender Email' with 'Sender IP' will re-scan all existing Benign events  for reduced parameters match. Voilà !  now you see about 200 matches for same promotion emails:   Clicking on  'Create blacklist rule' we'll create blacklist for feature emails by these 'Email Sender' and 'Sender IP' to be identified and quarantined as phishing. Moreover the already found 200 emails will be re-processed (and quarantined) as phishing according to existing Anti-Phishing configuration.