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CloudGuard SaaS

CloudGuard SaaS is Check Point's SaaS Security solution. This space also includes discussion related to our legacy SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 solution.

Blason_R inside CloudGuard SaaS Sunday
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How to identify my portal name to start journal rule?

Hi there,I am partner of Check Point and activated CG SAAS however everything went fine but wondering what would be my portal name so that journaling rule will be set?Thanks and Regards,blason R
Roberto_Panta inside CloudGuard SaaS 2 weeks ago
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Reports in CloudGuard SaaS

I have enabled CGS with Office365, I want to know, how to export reports to pdf or other format?
Danny inside CloudGuard SaaS 3 weeks ago
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CloudGuard Connect Demo with Raspberry Pi

@Stuart_Green1 has developed a CloudGuard Connect Demo for Raspberry Pi. Thanks, mate!
Pedro_Espindola inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-12-18
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Attachments renamed as ATT00001 - Threat extraction and Office365

Hey guys,Did anyone have an issue of attachments arriving named as ATT00001.bin after enabling Threat Extraction with "Clean all" option?I have a case open with TAC, but until I managed to get a remote session with both my O365 admin and TAC I wanted to know if anyone knows anything about this.Attachments first with the correct name according to CloudGuard SaaS logs, thus restoring the email restores the correct attachment. Changes occur during or after extraction.I know it is microsoft that renames the file this way, I'm just trying to understand what is causing it.Thanks
James_Lim inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-11-13
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Cloudguard Saas logs

How long can the logs be stored on the portal?
James_Lim inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-11-11
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Cloudguard Saas logs storage size

How long can CG Saas store logs?
rohan_savant inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-10-24
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AWS LB sandwich does not come up healthy in some cases

we have an AWS ingress gateway auto scale group deployed. We have all routing setup between accounts using tgw. However, and this is random, some of our External load balancers with targets as gateways do not come up healthy. this is completely random but once comes up as unhealthy it never turns healthy for that particular lb.  i am able to curl from the gateway to the internal LB and the internal LB is healthy and can be hit directly and shows the webpage. Setup:External lb:Listen port 443Target port: 9500 (doesnt come up healthy but autoprov and provisioned the rules) Internal LB:Listen port 443Target port 443TAG-: x-chkp-forwarding-  https-9500-443 any idea what could be happening here? we are not doing https inspection, just passing from https traffic. thanksRohan 
Mikael_Johnsso1 inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-10-22
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Stay away from 2FA at

First of all, let me start by saying that I normally wouldn't complain like this, but after a month of waiting, not being able to support my customers, I'm frustrated and don't want anyone else end up in this situation.At the moment, there doesn't seem to be a way of resetting 2FA (more specifically Google Authenticator) for means that If you loose your 2FA (in my case, my phone went belly up without prior warning) you're out of luck.So until further notice I'd stay away of using Google Auth as 2FA for't remember if SMS was an option, but if so I'd stick with that for now...Cheers
inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-09-23
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CloudGuard SaaS Security Checkup

CloudGuard SaaS - Introducing Events Window and Security Checkup Hello SaaS community We are thrilled to introduce the new Infinity Portal Events Window. Customers can access it at the tenant dashboard's bottom left. Similar to Smart Log, the Events Window aggregates events’ information from all the Infinity portal applications and allows filtering and search on all events’ fields . Users can view log statistics on the right panel, choose the log dates they would like to filter, export logs to excel, view granular details on each log and more.     Adjacent to the Logs tab you can find the CloudGuard SaaS Security Checkup report! Security Checkup is the prime report to use at the end of each POC to reveal the value of CloudGuard SaaS to a potential customer This is an on-demand, executive format, event and analysis report that summarizes all events collected by the Log system. The report’s based events can cover different time periods which are configurable at the Time-Filter menu on the top left corner (see below). You can export the report to PDF, Excel or to only get the generic template by using the “Options” menu at the top right corner of the window. The security report together with the “Phishing Reports” tool highlights the value Cloud Guard SaaS brings to our customers.   Try it out!
Krishna inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-09-06
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Deploying r80.20 CP standalone gateway with management and gateway in Azure

Hi, While deploying CP R80.20 standalone gateway in Azure, haven't found option to select weather it should be deployed as just Gateway/Gateway & Management/Management server while deploying (It will ask this while deploying R80.10), instead it asked for SIC key. Only gateway got deployed and not management. Does R80.20 supports management server and gateway in one device?Can we enable management server after the deployment of gateway?How to deploy both of them in standalone device in azure? Thanks in advance
Chanatip_Adisak inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-09-06
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CloudSaaS Office 365 OneDrive DLP setup

Hi guys,First of all, I'm new with CloudGuard SaaS and doing test integration with Office 365 for OneDrive DLP setup and getting stuck at some configuration that can't block sensitive data when uploading the file via OneDrive application such as credit card info for example.I have already configured OneDrive rule for DLP, refer screenshots below.1st figure, with Policy Rules for Office 365 OneDrive DLP2nd figure, for Rule DLP setting with PCI Credit Card Numbers3rd figure, uploaded the sensitive data file and shared to everyone4th figure, CloudGuard SaaS does not block this file. 5th figure, No display events on overview dashboard. I do not know where I'm missing configuration. Anyone any ideas? Really appreciate every comments Regards,Sarm 
Anup inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-08-29
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How to get license for R80.20 management server in AWS

Hi Mates,Our managemnent server was in R77.30 in AWS, recently upgraded to R80.20 from Amazon market place. After doing migrate import my Smat console stopped syncing with SMS, and unable to open. previously when i installed evaluation license it worked. how to get the license. we were using PAYG license.How to install license and activite.
JaviTI inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-08-21
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CloudGuard SaaS - subject: phishing alert!

Hello,Yesterday an email reached a user with the subject "Phishing Alert!". What we validate that comes from a friendly domain and that the attached pdf, which is a report of another security solution, contains in its fake and harmful url lines for evidence, now what we proceeded to do is to add the account of the exceptions sender but emails continue to arrive with the subject of alert to the aforementioned recipient. The domain you send is trustworthy and we know that the file by the nature of your data is true and accepted, as we can do so that the alert does not leave for that source of mail. Please friends your support.Javi.
Martins inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-07-24
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CloudGuard SaaS supports Office 365 E3 and above?

Hi, I want to know if the CludGuard Saas supoorts the Office 365 E3 and above?Thanks.
Stelios inside CloudGuard SaaS 2019-06-05
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CloudGuard SaaS Provisioning

Hello guys,I try to figure it out if the CloudGuard SaaS support spoofing or just work for phishing.