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Terraform - Azure CP Scale Set R80.40 - SIC Error

We rolled out an Azure Scale Set R80.40 with Terraform and it seems to work in general. The FW objects are created inside the SmartDashboard but it does not proceed.

The cme.elg file shows an error message, stating there is an issue with the SIC password. We tried it several times, also with a very easy SIC password, but it always stops there. 

If I connect to the FW Instances and perform a SIC reset (cpconfig) with the same SIC Password we used in Terraform, it works. The cme shows that SIC could be established and the process goes on. 

SmartCenter: R80.20 JT183 and later we tried it also with R80.40 SmartCenter using the latest CME. (sk157492)

Does anybody encountered the same issue? 

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What is the precise error message?

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