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DNS resolution in Checkpoint R80.10

I am doing a POC and my customer is looking for a AWS RDS connection from the server behind the Checkpoint(On-premise) to the AWS MySQL RDS in a private subnet over Site-to-Site VPN.
Server-> Checkpoint VPN <----------------> AWS VPN-----DNS resoultion -----My SQL RDS
(telnet 3306)
From the Server if there is a DNS request comes from On-premise server for the AWS MySQL RDS(Not IP) we want to resolve the DNS at AWS side not the On-premise side and Checkpoint should do a reverse look up to the server when the response arrives from AWS. Need your help how to set up the Checkpoint VPN to serve this usecase without any packet drops. Appreciate any checkpoint VPN configuration guide help. This is little urgent.
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If you want the local server to resolve a specific name on a remote DNS server, you must configure the server to do that.

Configuring the VPN is covered here:


Thanks for quick response. Appreciate your help. We already configured site-to-site VPN that is mentioned in the doc, Does that mean we need to create a separate VM behind the CheckPoint VPN which will resolve the remote AWS server before communicating with the AWS remote VM ? How will the reverse DNS will work for response traffic by Checkpoint VPN? How the IP address change for the remote DNS would be propagated to reacted by VM behind Checkpoint VPN?  Do you have any document to configure similar use case?

Does the checkpoint simulator s available to test the end-to-end scenario? 

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