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Need CLient public IP

Want to see real client Public IP at my backend servers. Allow gateways to add X-forwarded-for field

Please help me with this. How to achieve seeing Clients Real Public IP at my backend servers allowing gateways to pass Public IPs through.

~My Network Flow when client tries to open a URL over the internet (Accessing a web page): -

Client --> Internet --> AWS ALB --> Cloud Guard IaaS Cluster HA(A-P) R80.40 -->AWS ALB--> Web Apps (AWS App Services)/Servers


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The ALBs must be configured to send an XFF header.
Likewise, XFF support must be enabled on the Security Gateway.
This requires the use of Identity Awareness and Application Control blades.
Support must be enabled in the Check Point Security Gateway object > 'Identity Awareness' pane > section 'Proxy Support for Application Control and URL Filtering Blades'.

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