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CloudGuard for AWS R80.10-026.303

In the last couple of days, we release new images for CloudGuard R80.10 on AWS.

  • Introducing new AWS Marketplace listings:
    • CloudGuard IaaS Next Gen Firewall & Threat Prevention -BYOL
    • CloudGuard IaaS Next Gen Firewall & Threat Prevention
  • R80.10 image updates
  • Improved Gateway deployment time with Blink
  • Add support for AWS Load Balancers (ALB + NLB)
  • Add support for standard ports on the Internal LB
  • Add support for t2.xlarge & t2.2xlarge Instance Types
  • Support Paris region
  • Infrastructure for automated Transit VPC
  • Bug fix for VPN community

CloudGuard for AWS Latest Updates 

Important: As part of this update the GW CloudFormation Templates will point to new Marketplace listing.

Customers that already subscribed to existing listings will need to subscribe again to new listing before deploying templates otherwise the template will fail.


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Quite Helpful,

Starting the AWS deployment soon. Smiley Happy


We are currently doing a POC with this and is exciting! Thanks for sharing.