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Checkpoint R80.30 simulator


I want to test the Checkpoint VPN solution in the simulator mode to confirm the VPN will work from the Standard bank to the AWS RDS endpoint. 

I want to install checkpoint VPN software in a VM in one of the AWS region and the RDS endpoint URL in another region using the simulator. There would be a server behind the Checkpoint VM which will connect via the VPN to AWS RDS for testing  Is it possible?

Internal VM----> Checkpoint VPN VM<------VPN-------------> Oracle RDS ( in AWS)

Please let me know if there any checkpoint simulator i can use to test it before I configure it in actual Checkpoint Device and Routing config. 





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There is no simulator mode - usually, you do a POC with Eval Lics in such cases...

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Expanding on this, a clean install of Check Point products has a 15-day "plug-and-play" eval license which enables all features.

You may be able to generate your own 30-day eval licenses in the User Center, and a given VM can take a series of these eval licenses if your PoC takes longer than 30 days. I have this ability, but I don't know if it has to do with my certifications or some other non-default feature of my account.

Your sales team may also be able to generate longer eval licenses for you. I think the longest I've personally gotten was 90 days. I haven't needed one of these in a while, so I'm not sure if they're still an option.

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For short POCs, the built-in 15-day PnP license is generally sufficient.
Anyone can generate 30 day evaluation licenses:
Longer evaluations can be obtained from your local Check Point office.

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