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CheckPoint CloudGuard PaaS Solution for Azure App Services

Hi All Users,


I created this step by step tutorial on How to deploy and secure Azure App Services with Check Point Cloudguard IaaS Workload.

In this scenario I have used CheckPoint CloudGuard IaaS Single Gateway. But The same could be achieved by either deploying a cluster setup or Auto-scaling/VMSS setup.


Limitations: -

As far as I have seen is that you cannot fetch Real Client Public IP at your backend servers. Why is this is because we use Application Gateway here which accepts traffic from its V-net CIDR only, hence we do SNAT here which limits this use case.


Any questions or comments, please let me know and Have Fun!😀. Special Thanks to @powerlifter  Dean Houri for deployment steps on Service endpoints.


Best Regards,

Amarpreet Singh

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This one is great summarized detail on Azure PaaS with CP. Can't Wait to build this. 

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