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Azure CloudGuard SMS and Log Server in same resource group?


In Azure, when deploying CloudGuard SMS, there's a requirement when deploying via the Marketplace that the SMS be deployed into an empty resource group. I'm not an Azure expert however I believe the requirement for an empty resource group means that the SMS needs to be deployed into a VNET (and subnet) that's created as part of the deployment (resource group is the parent of VNET and the grandparent of subnet).

When I go to deploy the log server, I use Marketplace to deploy a management server, then change to "configure manually" to run the first time configuration wizard, change type to log server, etc. This works, however the same requirement for an empty resource group (deploy into new VNET, subnet) exists.

The overall result is that the SMS and Log server are in different subnets, in different VNETs, and under different resource groups.

Question - if we wanted, in Azure, to have a CloudGuard SMS and a CloudGuard Log Server in the same subnet, VNET, and resource group, how could we do that using a supported deployment method that would result in a supportable installation? In other words, is there a supported/supportable method of deploying a management server that does not use the Marketplace template?





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