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Azure CP Cloudguard licencing

Hi All,
A quick question about the Azure CP Cloudguard licencing,

Environment: HA Cluster High Availability
Gateway version R77.30
Mgmt: R81
Currently, there are 3 licences attached to the customer user centre
1 Core with NGTP
1 Core with NGTX
4 Core with NGTP
customer got a total of 6 cores together
is there a possibility to combine all three licences and use 3 on each gateway?

if the above is not possible, can we buy a new 6 Core NGTP licence and use 3 cores on each gateway?

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Employee Employee

Azure don't offer a 3-core VM instance to my knowledge. Least not one we've certified.

With that said the CP licenses of the correct SKU type do work as a pool otherwise.

The other thing you have to be conscious of is the differing subscription levels there i.e. NGTP vs NGTX.

R77.30 is very much end of support and the license utility differs between that and newer versions.

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Thanks Chris,  I know there is no 3-vCPU Azure VM, the question was Can I run an Azure gateway/HA cluster as a 3 vCPU instance (on a 4-vCPU VM). In hardware world you have always been able to have a license with less CPU cores than the underlying open server platform. so... (1) can you do this in Azure/AWS and (2), if yes, can it be an odd number of vCPUs?

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I don’t believe we support an odd number of CPUs.
Or at least it’s not something we test.

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What you referring to is with Open Servers where you can install like a 4 cores license on an 8 cores machine. that was done with installing that license in the regular fashion.

with CloudGuard it's different because we are using a different licensing util.

It doesn't matter how many vCPU's you have on your machine , we will distribute the amount of license needed as the amount of vCPU's that you have.

So we can't license only 3 cores on a 4 core machine , the licensing util will license all 4.



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