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Remote Access VPN Configuration for Desktop/Laptops

Author:  @Gregg_Sietsema 


This document provides step by step instructions for setting up a Remote Access VPN with Check Point R80.x. Some prior experience with setting up Check Point environment is assumed, and also basic understanding of IPSec VPNs principles.

Our objective is to enable a Layer 3 Remote Access solution using a VPN agent installed on a Desktop/Laptop (Endpoint Security VPN for Mac/PC, Check Point Mobile for Windows, or SecuRemote).

To assign different levels of access in active directory, an HR and an Engineering group have been created.

Depending on the group a user is a member of they will be given different access into the environment.

Note: Client-side settings are not covered.

Configuring VPN

  1. Enable Mobile Access Blade to start Mobile Access Configuration Wizard


  1. Unselect all options except for Desktops/Lap
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