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SChizhik inside Capsule Workspace an hour ago
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print from mail

Can you print using a capsule workspace?as an example. via airprint?
Dilian_Chernev inside Capsule Workspace 2 weeks ago
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Capsule Workspace for IOS cannot connect with R80.20 GW

Hi Mates,After upgrading firewall to R80.20, Capsule Workspace for IOS had a problems connecting with the GW.Problematic devices were working properly with R80.10 before upgrade, and I have successfully tested them recently against other R80.10 GW...
Spectrumtech_MS inside Capsule Workspace 2019-02-02
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Capsule workspace notifications stop working

hello allHas anyone else’s experienced an issue where capsule workspace notifications (exchange mail) stop working and then , start again with no changes made to policy and/or config ???seems that checkpoint cloud notification service is notorious...
Christoph_Moor1 inside Capsule Workspace 2018-11-26
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How to mute notifications on iOS

Hello,probably a simple question. On Android I can mute e-mail notifications for specific times, if I go to Mail -> Notifications -> Mute Notifications. How do you do this on iOS devices?CheersChristoph
Eric_Speake inside Capsule Workspace 2018-11-21
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Wrapped IOS and Andriod apps crashing

All of our for IOS fail to run unless we wrap the adhoc version. Our Android version will run one time and then fail after that. Is there something that we need to do when building these apps? Something maybe someone has come across in the wrappin...
Silvan_Nyambu inside Capsule Workspace 2018-11-21
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Capsule Workspace App Wrapping

Hello Experts,Has anyone here done Capsule Workspace App Wrapping solution?I recently did this for a customer and its not working.The customer has a custom android application which is hosted internally on a server behind the gateway.All...
Eric_Speake inside Capsule Workspace 2018-11-20
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How can we control access to applications in the Enterprise Store

We are wrapping an application that was written in house. We have an IOS and Android version wrapped and published. I am wanting to control which team members can actually see the application in the Enterprise store. I have used this documentation...
Daniel_Kavan inside Capsule Workspace 2018-11-20
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Capsule Workspace documentation on sandboxing

Hi Mates!Capsule Workspace Introduction - YouTube This video talks about the sandboxing for Capsule Workspace, but I can't find anything in the written documentation on it, to show our ISSO.  Nothing here sk109319 or here sk108...
Handaka_CANDRA inside Capsule Workspace 2018-11-06
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configuring mobile access vpn for tableau web application

Hi All,any body have done configuring checkpoint mobile access to access web application build by tableau ( i already configure it, but have an issue, tableau web can not display another web inside this page when access via vpn.Th...
Jeroen_Demets inside Capsule Workspace 2018-08-16
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Weeknumbers in Android Capsule Workspace app.

Hi,there are quite some differences between the iOS and the Android Capsule Workspace app.One of them is that you can show Week Numbers in the iOS app (through settings, it's not active by default) but not in the Android app. Or well, at least I d...
Ilya_Avetisyan inside Capsule Workspace 2018-07-16
views 1698 7 3

CapsuleWorkspace access to company's exchange server

Hello All,Spent days in attempts to make Capsule Workspace Mail work and still no luckI installed it onto Android smartphone and created user certificate in MobileAccess blade. The system sent email with QR code to my domain user and the code...
Daniel_Meier inside Capsule Workspace 2018-07-15
views 339 2

Capsule Workspace - S/MIME, Mobile Mail App - Mail From

Good Evening,i have kind of a quesiton about Capsule Workspace.The last days I played a bit around with Capsule Workspace, which raised some questions, i was not able to solve yet. Maybe here someone can give me a hint or so.In the settings for th...
Jeroen_Demets inside Capsule Workspace 2018-07-13
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Client cert renewals

Hi,a little question for those who have deployed Capsule workspace with client certificates a few years back. We currently deploy this app with client certificates who last for 2 years. I am wondering what will happen in 2 years.How easy is it to ...
Jeff inside Capsule Workspace 2018-07-08
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Capsule Workspace Document Control Feature

I've found this sk109760. Tried to update the default capsule workspace profile. End the result is :"Policy installation failed on the gateway. If the problem persists contact Check Point support (Error code: 0-2000093)".Could someone tell me...
inside Capsule Workspace 2018-07-06
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How to block screenshots in Check Point's Capsule Workspace?

What is the process to block screenshots in Check Point's Capsule Workspace?