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Capsule Workspace

Check Point's solution for Mobile Secure Workspace.

Partner_Integra inside Capsule Workspace 2019-10-11
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create a mobile application access from capsule workspace

Hi,I need to enable access for certain users from our LAN to a Qlik Sense application (the application installed on my private phone).there is an option to configure it on R80.10?Thanks!
Mohammed_Navid inside Capsule Workspace 2019-08-02
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Capsule Workspace - Web Application issue

Hi.We configured R80.30MGMT and R80.20GW to protect and view the Camera via Capsule Workspace VPN.  When we try to access the Camera Web page it asks for the credential and after signing it up the page reloads and comes back to the same page. By the way the Camera Web page video feed is viewable on Remote Access VPN and not through Mobile Access.  Please assist on this
Mikhail_Malin inside Capsule Workspace 2019-07-08
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Email notification in Capsule Workspace

Hi Team!Answer, please, if anybody knows. Can Capsule Workspace provide the feature that the sender of email letter never recieve notifications that his letter was read?
3qewr inside Capsule Workspace 2019-07-05
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several capsule workspace

tell me. There are three companies. they set up mobile access. Can I connect three letters in the client's capsule workspace?Vpn between companies is.
Martin_Seeger inside Capsule Workspace 2019-06-24
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Capsule Workspace & Apple Wallet

Hi,use case: I get an airplane ticket by email. I read the email in Capsule Workspace. The ticket is an attachment to the email.Question: How do I get this ticket into the Apple Wallet?Yours, Martin
3qewr inside Capsule Workspace 2019-06-19
views 1493 2

Capsule workspace

Tell me how to allow the Internet from the capsule?
Bernhard_Sayer inside Capsule Workspace 2019-06-13
views 1544 1

User group field "Mailing list address"?

Hi!Does someone know for what the optional field "Mailing list address" in a user group object is for?I have not found any information about it ...BR,Bernhard
Happy__ inside Capsule Workspace 2019-05-14
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Capsule Workspace File Share & notification

Hi, I set up a capsule workspace lab, I have some doubt with a file share.1:-I am able to download & upload the file to file share folder when I access through the browser but when I access through the capsule workspace with the same user credentials I able to upload the files but not able to download. (when I access from browser file direct download but when access through the capsule workspace app file directly preview(not download).) 2:-push notification is enabled but mail notification is not coming when the app runs in the background.  any specific limitation with capsule workspace?
Longson_Ho1 inside Capsule Workspace 2019-05-09
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Long period of time to sync email after session timeout - Capsule Workspace Andriod

In a Capsule Workspace PoC,End user reported that they have experienced long period of time (around 8 mins to 10 mins) for retrieving email to Capsule Workspace Android after session timeout.Session Timeout setting: 1 week*Example Screen CaptureDevice: Capsule Workspace Android  ( Not experiencing the same issue in iOS device)Symptoms: After session timeout, users have to authenticate (do it weekly, usually on Monday) to the capsule workspace and retrieve the email from servers and it takes a long time in Android device (not in iPhone).Attached a clip (it is edited)(view in My Videos) and you could see the time shown in right hand corner. It takes 8 mins (from 3:22pm to 3:30 pm) to see the 1st email retrievedEnd user enquires that is it an application behavior in Android? As this does not happen in iPhone.
nagaraja_cs inside Capsule Workspace 2019-05-07
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Can we integrate multiple email domains in Capsule Workspace

Hi Team,We have two email domains,one with exchange server and other with Postfix server.We have integrated Exchange server in Capsule Workspace and working fine.These users authenticate with AD.The new domain with Postfix server uses LDAP authentication.Active Sync is not enabled in Postfix server.Please let us know if we can use multiple domains with Capsule Workspace.   
SChizhik inside Capsule Workspace 2019-04-26
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print from mail

Can you print using a capsule workspace?as an example. via airprint?
Dilian_Chernev inside Capsule Workspace 2019-04-07
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Capsule Workspace for IOS cannot connect with R80.20 GW

Hi Mates,After upgrading firewall to R80.20, Capsule Workspace for IOS had a problems connecting with the GW.Problematic devices were working properly with R80.10 before upgrade, and I have successfully tested them recently against other R80.10 GW. All Android Capsule Workspace clients are working properly, also web portal of Mobile access is working properly.There are nothing usefull in logs.Does anyone has faced such problem?
Spectrumtech_MS inside Capsule Workspace 2019-02-02
views 1325 3

Capsule workspace notifications stop working

hello allHas anyone else’s experienced an issue where capsule workspace notifications (exchange mail) stop working and then , start again with no changes made to policy and/or config ???seems that checkpoint cloud notification service is notorious for instability ...
Christoph inside Capsule Workspace 2018-11-26
views 794 3

How to mute notifications on iOS

Hello,probably a simple question. On Android I can mute e-mail notifications for specific times, if I go to Mail -> Notifications -> Mute Notifications. How do you do this on iOS devices?CheersChristoph
Eric_Speake inside Capsule Workspace 2018-11-21
views 947 3 2

Wrapped IOS and Andriod apps crashing

All of our for IOS fail to run unless we wrap the adhoc version. Our Android version will run one time and then fail after that. Is there something that we need to do when building these apps? Something maybe someone has come across in the wrapping process?Thanks,Eric