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Android App - Can't open CCSA Manual with Check Point Capsule Docs


I'm studying for the CCSA cert - and want to via the course material with the Check Point Capsule Docs app to be able to read in on the go.

I install the app from the Play Store ("Check Point Capsule Docs"), and open it and set a passcode, and then it leaves me at a screen which says to open the protected PDFs with the app.

Doing this, I am prompted to allow the app access to files on the device, which I allow, but then get kicked out of the app with a message "An error occurred when opening this file."

I have reinstalled the app, and also redownloaded the file from the link I was provided going to atc,, and confirmed that the file opens on the Desktop application Capsule Docs Viewer on windows, and when opened on the android device without capsule docs, does open and shows the expected "this document is protected" single page.

I have had the same issue with both my OnePlus 6T running Android 9, and my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 running Android 7.

Uploading the file to to view from a web gui seems to hang on the POST request to upload the file, and never manages to get the file visible on the web viewer document list.


Has anyone had this issue before and been able to work around it at all? I believe this is an issue with the Android app itself as I borrowed an iPhone 8 to test this, and the iOS app seemed perfectly capable of loading and viewing the file after I completed the login prompts (whereas Android doesn't even ask me for creds!)



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Re: Android App - Can't open CCSA Manual with Check Point Capsule Docs

Not sure they’ve updated the Capsule Docs client on Android to address this limitation.
Will have to check with R&D.
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