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smart tasks example

Hi All

I have a question about smart task. I need to run a smart task that executes only if a particular policy is installed to a specific firewall. Reading through the documentation i see the below which should get me what I want but my question is how to see the trigger data?


Run Script - Runs a pre-defined Repository Script. The script gets the trigger's data as the first
parameter. The trigger's data is passed as Base64 encoded JSON data, which can be decoded to
implement custom business logic.


If i can see the trigger data, i can use that logic in my script to parse the policy name and firewall and decide on some action based on those values. The dilemma I am having is how to see the trigger data that gets passed? Can anyone share any example of this.




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It looks like it’s passed to your script as a base64 encoded JSON blob.
There’s an example here:

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