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any examples of show-sessions with filter? (Console, API, mgt_cli or python)


Has someone used filter in show-sessions ? I need examples which functions


When I do it per console or with python API the answer is always as if filter would be ignored and send back the first sessions.

console: show sessions view-published-sessions true filter "mytext-inside-the-field-name"
API: show-sessions with ploads      { ....., "view-published-sessions":true,"filter":"mytext-inside-the-field-name" } )

I get always the 50 first changes.

Is it functioning with filter ? Does anyone know, how to use it ?

Thank you for your help



Parameter name Value Description
filter string Search expression to filter objects by. The provided text should be exactly the same as it would be given in SmartConsole Object Explorer. The logical operators in the expression ('AND', 'OR') should be provided in capital letters. The search involves both a IP search and a textual search in name, comment, tags etc.

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You provided a link to the version 1.7 documentation (i.e. R81 management), which does not offer the filter option.
The filter is present in R81.10 (i.e. API version 1.8). 
Are you using R81.10 Management? 
If you're not, you'll need to upgrade to use this feature.
If you are using this version, please show the precise call your making as well as the equivalent results from the same searche in Object Explorer in SmartConsole.

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Hi Admin

was 1.7.1 but we upgraded to R81.10 and use now API 1.8

The issue is still there ( I looked on console )

for example filter containing a word that should be on the session-name give back all the first sessions.


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Please show the precise call you are making via the API, the results you get from the API, and the equivalent results from the same search in Object Explorer in SmartConsole.

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