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Multiple IP Address Object Automation

Our client requested to include in our whitelisted rule specifically for a multiple unique ip address and subnet in our firewall rule. It took me 6 hours to complete it and place it on a single firewall rule. Do you have an easiest way to put multiple ip address by not placing it one by one at a time.  Such as ip address in a note pad can be imported in the checkpoint firewall so probably a minute or two an object will be created for it.

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In general, if you want something in a rule (network or a host), an object has to be created for it.
You could then add them to a group object that is already included in the relevant rule.
Or you can add them directly to the rule if you prefer.
This can all be scripted via the API.

What would probably be easier is to add the objects to a group as they are created.
I believe we even have a guided lab example for this in our automation lab:

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