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Creating a New Topic Post

Posting in the correct space will help us help you! Also, including relevant information in your post is essential. Some common required information includes:

  • Precise version/JHF take level of gateway, which should be of the form Rxx.yy JHF Take zz for Quantum Security Gateways. This can be obtained from the output of cpinfo -y all. For Quantum Spark (SMB) gateways the version will be of the form Rxx.yy.zz with a build number. This can be found in the appliance WebUI under Home > Overview > System).
  • For Endpoint/Remote Access, please include the client versions.
  • A simplified network diagram is always appreciated.
  • References to precise documentation you followed, the results you were expecting, and the results.
  • Relevant screenshots are helpful

As this is a public forum, do NOT include any sensitive details in your post.

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