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How can I export the access rulebase

Hi Mates,


could I ask for the exact mgmt_cli commands to export all the rules from access rulebase to csv file with the below filters ?

Rule No.





Service & Application



Inline-layer rules will need to be displayed also,

* I need mgmt_cli command only as I may need to change the filters for later uses, I tried to use the jq command however I am not able to figure out the exact command to show the required fileds.


Thank you!


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There isn't a single command to do this for a few reasons:

  • There is a limit to the number of rules an API call will return, so you will need to make multiple calls using limit/offset to retrieve the full results if the rulebase has more than a handful of rules in it.
  • The API will only return results from a single layer, not from any inline layers, which also must be queried.
  • The rule number is not returned as part of the API, that said, you should be able to figure it out based on the number of results returned.

Also, each one of those fields is itself an array that requires parsing.
Bottom line: this is going to require a script or a program to achieve.

However, we've already created a tool that will export a rulebase into HTML.
Or if you're on R81+, there's the web-based SmartConsole, which you can give someone read-access to in order to see the rulebase.



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thank you @PhoneBoy , so if it means even I only export the inline layer rules, for exmaple:

mgmt_cli -r true -d x.x.x.x show access-rulebase offset 0 limit 20 name "inline-layer-example" details-level "standard" use-object-dictionary true --version 1.1 --format json 

It is still not possible to add the filter to show the mentioned fields?

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Sure, you can have jq give you the precise fields you want, except for rule number, which isn't in the API output.
But each one of those fields, except for the name, will return an array of uids.
That will require further processing to turn it into a CSV that will be meaningful to a human.

If you're just looking for a CSV export of the rulebase, SmartConsole does this: 

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