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Create Simple Gateway over API

Hello Everybody!

I want to automate creating a gateway/cluster using the checkpoint management API.

I wanted to create a new simple gateway over the checkpoint management API.
For the most features i need to set there are parameters for.

Except for a few:

I did not foud a parameter to enable the "Monitoring" -> So i can't set the "Monitoring Software Blade" options either.

Also there is no parameter for setting the "Hardware" over API.

For the "ISP Redundancy" options I also didn't find any parameter.


Am I right about this and/or is there another way to set these parameters of the gateway over API?



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The API does not fully support modifying every option you can set on a gateway through SmartConsole.
it may be possible through generic-object calls, which are not documented and require some work to determine what calls may achieve the desired effect.


Okay thank you for that information. Do you think the missing commands/parameters are implemented in near future?

And do you have an example of generic-object calls?

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As generic-object calls are not supported, there is no formal documentation on them.
However, there are a few examples in the community.
Also, tagging @Omer_Kleinstern in case he can assist in this situation.

Can't comment if/when these items will be available through the API.
It would most likely be done in the context of a major release, however.
If you have a strong need for this, I recommend reaching out to your local Check Point office.

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ISP redundancy may also need additional rules in you NAT policy. I would love to automate everyything. But I also know there are some things that are actually more complex to do an automated way then doing them manually. S it also depends a lot on how frequent you must create a new gateway.

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