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Number of Firewall Rules x Time - Graphic

I have a manager in version R81.10 and I need to create a graph in Zabbix with the number of firewall rules by time and also the number of nat rules x time.

Any idea how to do it ? Does it have to be done via API or via MIB/OID ? 


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I know there script in $FWDIR/scripts dir on mgmt server, but thats more old web visualization tool replacement. Let me see what is there as far as API,as I have latest R81.20 in the lab.


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The only way to get this information is from the API.
Note that "NAT Rules" are affected by more than just explicit manual rules.

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Not sure what you want to see. You want to read out the number of rules in a policy? Or do you want to read the number of hits per policy rule?

And I would like the rationale behind the question. As sometimes the question in it self seems pointless in my view but  a different technical solution my be a better way to address the rationale behind the actual question.

Say to keep tabs on a policy or set of policies I may rather more like the diff output similar to git commit. which shows me quickly which files were edited and give me rough number on lines added and removed.

Say I see the number of lines growing from 200 tot 201 in a policy push I might conclude it was a minor change. But the actual change might have deleted 10 rules, added 11 rules and changed 20 more rules. Which would result in 41 changed rules in my book. But the total would see only  1 change line.

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